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Jul - Dec 14
Download the entire PENGUIN GENERAL catalogue HTML  PDF  31.33Mb
Or select an imprint: Fig Tree    PDF  4.14Mb
Hamish Hamilton    PDF  1.00Mb
Portfolio    PDF  8.49Mb
Penguin Ireland    PDF  5.67Mb
Viking    PDF  6.11Mb
Download the entire MICHAEL JOSEPH catalogue HTML  PDF  134.20Mb
Or select an imprint: Michael Joseph Fiction    PDF  21.23Mb
Michael Joseph Non-Fiction    PDF  5.47Mb
Paperback Originals    PDF  52.12Mb
MJ Penguin Paperbacks    PDF  54.71Mb
Download the entire PENGUIN PRESS catalogue HTML  PDF  0.00Mb
Or select an imprint: Allen Lane    PDF  17.71Mb
Particular Books    PDF  4.07Mb
Paperback Originals    PDF  1.25Mb
Modern Classics    PDF  0.95Mb
Classics    PDF  2.33Mb
Penguin Paperbacks    PDF  2.45Mb
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