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Blinding Light

Paul Theroux

Take a journey into the forbidden - the erotic, the remote, the uncharted.

Slade Steadman has written one of the most famous travel books ever. But he has been unable to write anything else for thirty years. A journey downriver in a remote eastern province of Ecuador among the Secoya Indians gives him the experience he has been seeking - and a miracle drug. He returns to the USA with the drug, which induces temporary blindness. He is energized - able not only to write and remember, but granted an almost uncanny prescience, bordering on second sight.

A dazzling and disturbing story of revelation and creativity, Blinding Light is a tour de force from a writer at the height of his powers.

'A terrific teller of tales and conjurer of exotic locales' Sunday Times

'Theroux's prose leaps to life like a mosaic splashed with water' Spectator

Paul Theroux is the author of many bestselling books, both fiction and non-fiction, including, most recently, Dark Star Safari and The Stranger at the Palazzo d'Oro.
Blinding Light

Pub Date: July, 2005
ISBN: 0241142555
Price: £17.99
Format: 153 x 234mm
Extent: 432pp
Territory: British Commonwealth excl. Canada
US rights: The Wylie Agency UK Ltd
Translation Rights: The Wylie Agency UK Ltd
Film Rights: The Wylie Agency UK Ltd
Serial Rights: The Wylie Agency UK Ltd