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Sir Oswald Mosley and British Facism

Stephen Dorril

An important and controversial new biography of Sir Oswald Mosley, the leading figure of British Facism.

Hated and adored, trusted and feared, respected and scorned - public opinion has never been luke warm or indifferent to Oswald Mosley.

Blackshirt proves how very dangerous Mosley was. Over the years many have worked hard to guard Mosley's reputation but this book casts new light on the man, answering such questions as, 'how did Mosley get his funding for the Fascist Party?'

Dorril has been given access to new information and made important discoveries. He has interviewed many of those who knew him, including his widow Diana, to come closer to the truth about Mosley and his politics.

Stephen Dorril is a widely respected authority on the security and intelligence services. He has written several books on intelligence and contemporary history, most recently MI6 covering the last fifty years of special operations. He is a regular consultant on TV documentaries and is a senior lecturer at Huddersfield University. He lives near Huddersfield.

Pub Date: April, 2006
ISBN: 0670869996
Price: £30.00
Format: 153 x 234mm
Extent: 736pp
Illustrations: 24pp B&W
Territory: World
US rights: Penguin UK
Translation Rights: Penguin UK
Film Rights: Andrew Lownie Literary Agency
Serial Rights: Penguin UK