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How to use this site

At Penguin we always try to make the reading easy - so we hope you enjoy browsing through our new online catalogue. You'll find information on the full range of our forthcoming titles - all regularly updated. You can browse titles and drill down for more information on the items that are of particular interest to you.

You can create your own individual catalogue of titles which will stay up on the site until the Jan ? July 2015 catalogue comes online in October 2014.

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From the Download Centre you can print out the entire catalogue (or individual imprints) and read it your leisure.

If you get stuck there's a Frequently Asked Questions page – or you can email us with your queries and comments.

Navigation of the site is easy:

Step 1
Select the catalogue that you want to view: Penguin General, Penguin Press or Michael Joseph
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Choose the imprint you want to view.
Step 3
Scroll through and either select to view the ones that are of particular interest to you, or add them to your personal catalogue.

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Use the Advanced Search to find books by author, title or publication date. Happy reading!