Who Are We - And Should It Matter in the 21st Century?

Gary Younge

A provocative and illuminating analysis of the modern world's obsession with nationalism and patriotism, by one of the Guardian's most brilliant columnists

Award-winning journalist Gary Younge interweaves personal experience with political insight to explore why national identity is becoming one of our most powerful and explosive obsessions. From the rise of religious fundamentalism in Britain to the election of a black president in America, from the resurgence of the right in Europe to citizenship tests under a British Labour government, Who Are We offers a provocative and urgent portrait of our rapidly shrinking world and dangerously paranoid times.

'Gary Younge is an excellent journalist - a critical writer at a critical time' Andrea Levy

Gary Younge is a Guardian columnist and feature writer based in the US. His books include Stranger in a Strange Land: Encounters in the Disunited States and No Place Like Home, shortlisted for the Guardian First Book Award. He lives with his family in New York City.


Pub Date: June, 2010
ISBN: 9780670917037
Price: £14.99
Format: 234 x 153mm pb
Extent: 288pp
Territory: 1EKZB
US rights: Simon and Schuster
Translation Rights: Curtis Brown

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