The Meaning of Sunglasses

A Guide to Almost All Things Fashionable

Hadley Freeman

A funny and highly opinionated book about fashion, for anyone who loves clothes but suspects the fashion industry takes itself far too seriously

'Fashion is no longer about haute couture. We are in the age of Topshop when everybody can buy a new Chloé-style blouse and every weekly gossip magazine has a fashion section . . .'

In The Meaning of Sunglasses and a Guide to Almost all Things Fashionable, Guardian fashion editor Hadley Freeman conveys the joys, the silliness and the occasional insanity of fashion. Shucking off its imposing mystique and making it relevant to people beyond the usual Vogue readership, this A-Z of all things fashionable is not intended to be an exhaustive desktop guide to which designer was born when and who invented denim. Nor is it a guide to wearing clothes. This collection of approximately 100 entries covers subjects such as 'Ballet pumps, the twee factor thereof', 'Get; fashion that women do and men do not' and 'Advertising, the axis upon which fashion spins'.

Written in the style of the author's hugely successful Guardian fashion column, 'Ask Hadley', The Meaning of Sunglasses is a witty and sometimes philosophical insight into the realities of the fashion world and fashion itself.

Hadley Freeman was born in New York in 1978 and moved to London in 1989. She is the deputy fashion editor at the Guardian and has written for a range of fashion magazines, including Vogue (where she is a contributing editor) and Elle. Her fashion column for G2, Ask Hadley, is one of the most popular columns in the Guardian, and she co-wrote That Extra Half an Inch with Victoria Beckham.


Pub Date: February, 2008
ISBN: 9780670917235
Price: £15.00
Format: 129 x 198mm hb
Extent: 224pp
Territory: 1BEKZ
US rights: ICM
Translation Rights: ICM
Film Rights: ICM
Serial Rights: Penguin UK

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