Allen Lane

The Unfinished Global Revolution

An appeal for global harmony from the ex-Deputy Secretary-General of the UN

Mark Malloch Brown

The Limits of Nations and the Pursuit of a New Politics

The former Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and ex-Deputy Secretary-General of the UN writes an intimate portrait of the politicians he has watched and advised, including Kofi Annan, Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, George Bush and Jacques Chirac. The book is also a political history of governments that have failed to match the demands placed on them by those they govern, and will lay out a much-needed agenda for the management of globalization, calling for stronger international institutions that revive rather than replace national government, an enhanced role for new actors - non-governmental organizations and business - and above all, global rather than national policies on core issues such as the environment, poverty, migration and security.

The author argues that leadership in the modern age is no longer the province of CEOs or presidents with an iron control of their offices. The demand now is for those leaders who are able to reach across cultures and shareholders to build an alliance of common action from apparently disparate interests. It requires a multicultural sensibility, an emotional intelligence, and places value on listening, persuading and understanding different points of view. The Unfinished Global Revolution forecasts the way forward in global politics, and suggests that now is the moment for creative statesmanship to knit together a new global approach.

Mark Malloch Brown was Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and has previously been United Nations Deputy Secretary-General under Kofi Annan (2006-7), Vice-President of External Affairs for the World Bank (1994-9) and political correspondent for the Economist (1977-9). The Unfinished Global Revolution is his first book.


Pub Date: February, 2011
ISBN: 9781846141058
Price: £25.00
Format: 234 x 153mm hb
Extent: 272pp
Illustrations: 16 pp b/w inset
Territory: 1BKZ2AC
US rights: PGI
Translation Rights: Wylie Agency
Film Rights: Wylie Agency
Serial Rights: Penguin UK

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